Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As I mentioned last week, I have a little anniversary approaching.
Saturday June 26th is the start of my 23rd anniversary sale.
23 is not a BIG anniversary number. A traditional gift for instance is Silver plate. While I don't have any Silver to give away, I do have some great deals on everything in the store to help separate you kind people from a little of your Silver.
I've set up a few different discounts based on the number 23 for that weekend.
-First of all,
ALL TOYS and GAMES will be 23% off.
This includes ALL items already reduced in price with a RED TAG.
During Free Comic Book day, a lot of customers were checking out our games section and asking what deals if any were available, so I can only assume that a special like this will go over well on a section I don't normally discount.
- Second, is a sale on the paperbacks and hardcovers.
BUY 2 books, get a THIRD for FREE.
Always a popular choice. Pick up some reading material to keep on hand for those odd crappy cloudy days that always hit you by surprise this time of year.
I will be including a huge assortment of RED TAG discounted books that usually fill up my tables at the conventions. As always, the lowest price book of the 3, is the Free one.
As long as the weather is good, I will be putting tables full of comics outside, for 23 cents a piece.
Remember the date, SATURDAY - SUNDAY JUNE 26TH AND 27TH.
Avoid the mess and hassle of road closures downtown during the G-20 summit, and shop in the East-End that weekend.

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