Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sad news as Jeff Lemire has decided to attend the FanExpo in Regina rather than coming here on Free Comic Day. We're currently trying to set a new date sometime in April.

After the last 2 massive weeks, we see a little bit of relief this first week of April, although there is quite a few #1's to mention.
Marvel delivers Deadpool VS. Carnage, a book that literally needs no further explanation.
Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude is a little 2 issue lead-in to the movie and features 2 short stories on Nebula, and Gamora. The 2nd issue will feature Groot and Rocket raccoon. These are the movie versions of the characters and the stories will have nothing to do with the regular Guardians of the Galaxy comic. I did not order a lot of these because Marvel gave us NO INFO at all on them( not even a cover), so it was ordered blind.
Inhuman #1 finally arrives, delayed since before Christmas, this is the main title dealing with the effects of the Terrigen mists being released with the destruction of Attilan. With Charles Soule writing we should get a great story, with Joe Madureira drawing we should see a lot more delays.
What If Age of Ultron #1 starts a weekly look at alternate endings to last years summer event.
Ultimate Spider-Man hits #200 somehow, I'm not sure if math is really Marvels strong suit.
Angel and Faith returns for a new season, I'm sure the Whedonites are lining up already.
Aquaman spins off into his new title Aquaman and the Others, the group he was shown to be a part of prior to his League adventures.
Caliban is a new Avatar title from Garth Ennis, about a group of deep space explorers running into an alien ship.
Dead Letters #1 is a crime comic about an amnesiac waking up in a motel room to find himself caught in the middle of a gang war.
The Field #1 is a crime comic about an amnesiac waking up in a field with nothing but a cellphone and his underwear.
Amazing Spider-Man Family Business is an ORIGINAL hardcover story never before seen in print. Apparently Peter Parker was not an only child.

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