Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The comics are here, where are the customers?
Considering how many people are probably calling in sick today, I figured the store would be busier.

A couple of brave souls have ventured in, and have asked the same question, "what do you think of the new F.F.?"
An odd question that I hadn't even considered, since I don't think of it as a "new" comic. Basically trying to read this "first" issue, without following the series previously would leave someone with a lot of questions. And its not like Spider-Man has never shown up in a Fantastic Four comic before. Still, it is a great read and you'll want to continue, I just can't see it being a jumping on point or anything. By the way, the other comic with the big "F" on the chest is Fables, and not a variant for F.F.

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