Monday, May 7, 2012


Busy week again, with another batch of first issues. Also, 3 chapters of the Night of Owls at once this time.

Garth Ennis starts of the Adults-only Fury comic, the previous mini-series from a while back was hilarious, in a warped way.

Hulk gets to smash the Avengers in a weekly mini-series. The first 2 parts arrive together due to a trucking accident.
More Marvel Zombies, this time it's undead Nazis in WW2. Peter David takes over the story in issue 3, so you may want to be sure to pick up the first 2.

John Byrne tries something a little different with Trio. A super-hero team book with ONLY 3 members!!
DC has put together another anthology of mature short stories, this time with the title, Mystery in Space.

Takio is a monthly series picking up where the great stand-alone hardcover left off. Probably one of the most popular, fastest selling books I've had here in a while. Kids, especially young girls, loved it.

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