Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well DC 52 enters its 6 month and still going strong.
The 2nd issue of Fatale ships along with a much needed 2nd print for the
first issue,maybe we'll see a little more of the horror side of this title
this time around.
Magic the Gathering is riding a new wave of popularity lately, so of
course its time to spin off into comic adventures...again.
2 more Warlord of Mars #1's this week. You think they'd catch on by now
that over-saturating the market kills the franchise every time.
Speaking of which...Marvel gives us another Captain America book as Bucky
starts his own title, the Winter Soldier.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey did you know that there is a new Ghost Rider movie coming out?  Well I do now, because I have a whole box of promotional t-shirts for Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance here in the store.
There's a couple different designs and 2 different colours.
Sizes are mostly smaller(NO XXL for instance).
Anyone who spends more than $10.00 gets to pick out one for FREE!
Quantities are limited of course.


See, now here's Justice League #5. I can't believe how many people got
upset at a 1 week delay. On the other hand, it shows how important keeping
a regular monthly schedule is.
I'm kinda surprised that the only first issues coming in are relatively
minor books. The Infestation crossover last year was different, but I
haven't had a lot of interest in the sequel.
Deadpool #49.1 is an odd numbering, maybe to stretch out the story before
the big 50th issue.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Lets see if this damn thing will post THIS week. I posted last weeks 5 times and it still wouldnt stay up. And it looks like I'll be leaving out any cover shots until I can figure out HOW IN HELL Blogger thinks this is a better system.

Good week, with something missing... it looks like we have the first casualty in the DC NEW 52 delivery schedule, and NO surprise, It's Justice League. Well 4 issues on time was more than most of us bet on, lets hope its not tooo delayed.
We get Batman and Wonder Woman though, so it should still be a busy Wednesday.
Steed and Mrs. Peel seems like an odd way to name your book, but I guess THE AVENGERS might have been a little confusing. I'm positive I've seen this cover art before, but all the preview text makes this sound like a new comic. Stiil its Grant Morrison and Ian Gibson, so it'll sell quick even if you arent a fan of the old t.v. show.
Lord of the Jungle is another odd title, but I guess they had problems with the TARZAN name for some reason. It's only a buck for the first issue, so cheap enough to try it out.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Quite a few Marvel comics to mention as they attempt to overtake DC in the ratings.
HEY! An issue of Captain's about time, I can't remember the last time they shipped an issue of Captain America.
Scarlet Spider #1 ships, bringing us back the days of the Spider-clones,that everybody liked but Marvel thought we didn't so they killed them all off.
Speaking of Spider-Man, #677 starts a crossover with Daredevil.
Wolverine #300 ships, I'm still not sure where Marvel is getting their numbers from, but they are sure screwing with the last of the collectors out there. (didn't they do a Wolverine #1000 last year?)
Luna brothers fans(Girls, Sword), may want to pick up Whispers, even though it seems to be one Luna short on the creative team. Definitely a different art style.

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