Thursday, April 24, 2014

NEW Comics April 30th

Busy week as publishers try to fill up the shelves for Free Comic Day.

Amazing Spider-Man #1, Peter Parker is back in his own body, and Marvel has a pile of variant covers to prove it. 2 standard covers at regular price( if you can call $5.99 a regular price) and a couple pricier variants. The DCD Summit edition is limited to 6,000 copies and has a cool Lego cover.
The Batwoman Annual finally finishes the Batwoman/Batman conflict from the main book a few months back.
The Flash Annual #3 continues from this weeks issue, and looks like it will introduce the new 52 version of Wally West. Could this be the first of the 5 Years Later tie-ins?
More Cartoon Network fun as Dexters Laboratory starts a mini-series.
Forever Evil won't really end until issue #7 shows up in late May, but Batman will get to see whats left of Gotham as the first issue of Batman VS Bane arrives.
Proving 2 Jasons are better than 1, Aaron and Latour deliver Southern Bastards. A killer crime series set in the deep south.
Vertigo Quarterly CYAN, is the first of 4 anthology comics using a colour as a unifying theme. A great list of talent on these books as writers and artists come together to show us how cool BLUE can be.
Just in time for Free Comic Day, Image delivers a great batch of BUCK books. Some of the best stuff on the shelves today are from Image, and this is your chance to jump in on stuff like East of West, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals and more for only a dollar. Many of these titles have a first volume collection available already or arriving soon. Try 'em out, or get a friend hooked.

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