Friday, April 27, 2012

NEW COMICS Wednesday- MAY 2nd

Well its certainly a big week this time around, right before Free Comic Day.
DC starts off round 2 of the NEW 52 Universe with 4 titles replacing the slower selling ones from the original launch 8 months ago. The 2 biggest based on advance orders are Earth 2 and Worlds Finest featuring Huntress and Power Girl. This is basically a testament to DC fans love of the JSA. I'm just a little worried that the new version of Dial H will get lost in such a busy week, and G.I. Combat could well end up going the way of Men of War. (To make sure they all get a good look, I will be offering an in-store package deal of $10.00 for the 4 #1's together.)
2 more pieces of the Night of Owls ship, just as Teen Titans Annual starts off the Culling, which will crossover with Superboy and Legion Lost.
Outside the New DCU, Dc also starts a new Smallville title based on the t.v. show continuity.
Marvel is shipping Exiled #1, the start of the cross-over between Journey into Mystery and New Mutants.
The Valiant Universe rises again, starting with X-O Man of War. It actually looks pretty good with Carey Nord on art.
The Shadow first issue from Dynamite went quick, lets see if another pulp character, The Spider, does as well.
And Bart Simpsons pal Milhouse gets his own solo title, even if it is just for one issue.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well AVX seems to be selling well enough, lets see how many people will follow the battles into the secondary title, AVX VS. It'll probably vary depending on the characters involved each issue.

Archie #632 is the 2nd part of the Archie/Valerie romance story, which continues into their future together as a married couple with kids! That's 3 wives he has now in alternate futures. Makes me wonder how far they'll take the gender-switching story coming up in a few months.
IDW releases another of those 100 page spectaculars as they reprint some of the Archie comics TMNT stories. I think that's the last time I read any Turtles stuff.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Dynamite reaches back to the past to revive another Pulp hero with the Shadow #1. Garth Ennis claims to be a huge fan of the original works and will keep true to the characters origins.
DC will be publishing Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novels soon, and sends us a free preview to get us ready.
Punisher #10 is the 2nd chapter of the Omega story, and judging by how fast the Avenging Spider-Man sold out this week, people still love good old fashioned crossovers.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well, when it rains it pours. Lots of new stuff this time around.

Reality TV comes to comics as Image begins Americas Got Powers. Bryan Hitch draws it, so it should look good, just dont get in a hurry for issue 2.

Avenging Spider-Man #6 starts the crossover with Punisher and Daredevil.
Amazing Spider-Man Hooky is a prestige format sized reprint of one of those large size graphic novels from years back.

Batman Arkham Unhinged #1 begins the next series following the hugely popular video game storyline.

Kids and adults alike will love to see Courtney Crumrin start a new on-going regular comic. The graphic novels were always huge sellers, its just nice to be able to get a monthly fix.
Always confusing when 2 similar titled books start at the same time. Its worse when they are from the same company and have similar themes.
Secret, sounds like a horror,suspense thriller involving government security firms.
Secret Service is basically the same without the horror angle.
Hickman writes Secret, and Millar writes Secret Service.
Both have very distinctive covers that will stand out on the shelves, but I'm betting the Service title, with its Dave Gibbons art will fly quick, taking advantage of the recent hype over the Before Watchmen stuff.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Avengers VS. X-Men #1 ships, I can't see how it can sell any faster than
the #0, but we'll see.
DC New 52 hits month 8, and the first of the casualties ship. OMAC will be
missed, Hawk and Dove ...not so much. At least Men of War #8 ends with a
bang as Jeff Lemire comes in with a Frankenstein in WWII story as the
title switches over to G.I. Combat next month.

We get to see what would happen if a zombie apocalypse hit during a
Comic-Con, in Fanboys VS. Zombies. The first issue is only a buck, so give
it a try.

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