Friday, July 6, 2012


Adventure Time is such a huge hit, its getting a spin-off. Then again, so is Chew, as Agent Poyo gets his own mini-series.
The new Valiant invasion continues with Bloodshot #1. I've been really impresssed with all the
Valiants so far.
Another blast from the past as goth hero, the Crow, returns.

A new Vertigo mini-series starts called Punk Rock Jesus. The title pretty much says it all.
Same can be said with Space Punisher.
Transformers Generation One, picks up where the classic Transformers left off 20+ years ago at Marvel.
Darwyn Cooke fans will snap up the newest installment of Richard Stark's Parker

Revival is a new twist on the zombie story as the plague hits one small town over one day and the story deals more with the aftermath. Its by the Hack/Slash guy Tim Seeley.
I doubt its a coincidence that it arrives the same day as Walking Dead #100.

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