Friday, May 2, 2014

New Comics Wednesday May 7th

Well, FCBD was a huge success. Busiest one ever. I'll try to post more later.
Lots of stuff to mention for next week..
Marvel continues to amaze me with the numbering gimmicks they come up with to confuse us(and you) into buying their stuff.  Amazing Spider-Man #1.1, despite its numbering nonsense, is not connected in any way with the new #1 you just bought this week. INSTEAD, it is the first issue of a Year One type story that fits after the events of the original Spider-Man #1 from 1963. One of the stories in the new #1 leads into this, but I'm sure there will still be many customers(and retailers) confused by this.
Original Sin #1 arrives, and I have to say I was pleased with the #0 issue. Should be a good story, but again, it will get confusing with the oddly named and numbered spin-offs and specials.
Cyclops #1 starts a series featuring kid Cyclops, the time displaced one.
Ultimate Spider-Man relaunches for like the 3rd or 4th time. This time Miles not only has to live up to Peters legacy, but try to adjust to a world ravaged by Galactus.(Unless the writers have forgotten that little piece of info).

We get a glimpse into the future of the DC Universe with the start of the new weekly series, New 52 Futures End. If you picked up the #0 issue for free on Saturday, you'll have a good idea where this one is going. Its an amazing story featuring some under used characters, such as Frankenstein,
Batman Beyond and Grifter. This title will have major impact on the DC characters when ALL the DC titles jump 5 years in the future in September.
Batman/Superman takes a break in the story to catch up on its schedule. This is a great one-shot fill-in by Jeff Lemire as the Atom shows up to help Superman get small enough to get into Batmans brain.
The Woods is a sci-fi/horror title by James Tynion (Batwing, Batman Eternal),about a group of high school kids teleported to an alien planet.
Nailbiter gives us insight into the question of where do serial killers come from.

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