Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Events wrap-up

Well saying I'm a little tired right now would be an understatement. The 4 days of Fanexpo were exhausting, but in a good way. Probably the busiest I've seen the show since it started.
The promoters really stepped up and solved a lot of the problems of the previous year. The only major line-ups to worry about this year, were the line-ups for the cash machines.
Even in the midst of selling literally 1,000's of paperbacks over the weekend, I still had a few minutes to occasionally talk to some new customers, including a guy who apparently lives just down the street from the store, AND HAS NEVER BEEN INSIDE. Well after stopping by for the midnight sale last night, I'm hoping he'll become a regular, now that he knows how convenient it is having a store less than a 10 minute walk from his home.
Speaking of the midnight sale...I was surprised how many night owls are in the area. At one point just before midnight, there was close to 2 dozen people in the store, and they cleaned out a good chunk of the paperback shelves. In 1 hour I sold more copies of Justice League #1 than 2 months worth of the previous incarnation of the title.
The only downer of the night was when Gail Simone called to wish me luck with the DC 52 launch, and I was soooo out of it, that I basically said "thanks" and hung up.
I'd like to publicly thank her for the call and say that her Birds of Prey is one of my favourite all time reads and I am eagerly awaiting her new titles Batgirl and Firestorm.
If I actually wake up in time to open the store at a normal hour tomorrow, Ill try and post my thoughts on the newest issue of Previews.

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