Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Comics May 14th

Big week again.
Justice League United #1 gets a Canada variant cover, these might go fast if the media picks up on it, so reserve a copy early.
Superman Doomed starts off a Doomsday battle that runs through many of the Superman titles for the next few months.
In United States of Murder Inc. Bendis gives us a world in which the mob runs the country. It sounds good, but I really wish Bendis would stop working on new stuff until he can get his other late books back on track(Scarlet anyone).
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1 is the first of a 4-part mini, as Shang-Chi tracks down a killer.
Weird Love #1 is a great collection of classic '50's material featuring art by folks like José Luis García-López.
Had a lot of people playing catch-up on Batman Eternal this week. Remember that New 52 Futures End is a weekly book as well.If you cant make it in each week, be sure to add these books to your pull list so you don't miss an issue.


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