Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'd like to apologize to any customers who stopped by the store on Sunday only to find us closed.
The timing just seemed right to take advantage of the long weekend to draft some of my friends and customers into helping me reorganize the inventory.
The basement has been a horrible mess for too long now, and the bookshelves have been suffering for it.
Many titles thought sold out for some time were actually stocked in depth, just buried so deep, they were basically unreachable.
The store may seem a little messier than usual for the rest of the week as the resorting continues, but when it's complete, there should be a much greater selection of paperbacks on the shelves than ever before.
As a bonus, many discontinued titles and overstocked books, will be added to the bargain boxes near the front of the store, and literally thousands of books will be on sale during our big
           26th anniversary sale JULY 20-21.
Along with the bargain paperbacks, there will be a great selection of toys as low as $5.00 each and ALMOST everything else in the store will be  26% off.

Again, apologies to anyone who missed us today, mention it next time you're in and I'll make sure you get a special 26th anniversary t-shirt.

Thursday, June 27, 2013



Well there are 5 Wednesdays in July, so the next few weeks are going to be a lot easier on the wallet, especially compared to the week we just had. Still quite a few new books to mention though.

Age of Ultron #10AI was the lead-in to the new Avengers AI title starting this week. Basically Hank Pym has convinced himself he's not crazy by deciding to create a robot Avengers team, which includes a Doombot.
The much delayed Dexter comic(originally announced last November), finally arrives. The delay was probably caused by Jeff Lindsay, who as the creator of the T.V. series, was too busy to finish writing the comic.
Deadpool Kills Deadpool, is the 3rd mini in a trilogy where Deadpool has decided to cross the dimensions killing every fictional character ever created, and is now apparently left with no-one to kill but himself.
Superior Foes of Spider-Man basically teams up a bunch of Spidys old foes who Doc Ock Spidy accidentally powered up in the regular Superior Spider-Man comic recently.
In Satellite Sam, Fraction and Chaykin deliver a 50's era crime noir story about a murdered T.V. star.

Trinity of Sin Pandora #1, kicks off the 2 month long crossover among the 3 Justice League titles that ends up unleashing EVIL on all the DC new 52 titles in September.

Guardians of the Galaxy Tomorrows Avengers #1 is an awful long title for a $5.00 book with very little description of what it is. I'm assuming short stories of each of the characters from the main comic, but it's just as likely that this is one of those encyclopedia type things, or a batch of reprints.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


WOW, what an insane week.
After a full month of barely filling the shelves, we get this monster delivery thats going to leave me wondering where to fit it all on the new comics racks.
Age of Ultron #10 AI, is a bridge issue between the crossover and a new Avengers title featuring Hank Pym and his amazing robot squad.
Batman/Superman is a title that always sells well for the first year or so until the writers start to run out of ideas. The first arc by Greg Pak and Jae Lee looks amazing and should give the book a great start.

The 2nd issue of Jupiters Legacy finally arrives, lets hope it hasnt lost any momentum from the first issue.

All 3 Justice League comics arrive on the same day. Could be DC trying to get them lined up for the Trinity of Sin crossover starting in July(could just be Geoff and friends falling behind).

The Lantern comics grow by 1 as Larfleeze gets his own title(comes with an Orange ring)

Greg Rucka moves his toys over to Image as he starts up a new creator owned title, Lazarus, about a genetically created woman in a future destroyed by economic collapse.
Running to Dynamite( after jumping off Action) Andy Diggle starts a new series simply titled Uncanny. Its about a guy who can steal other peoples powers and abilities, and uses them for crime( think Rogue meets Thief of Thieves).

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Age of Ultron comes to a close with issue #10 and a promised huge surprise. It comes polybagged so you cant cheat and look at the last page.
100 Bullets returns for an 8-issue mini-series featuring Brother Lono.
Batman and Batgirl continues the Caped crusaders mad spiral into depression as he continues to alienate all his former partners with his whining over the death of Damian. Seriously though, this is my favourite  Batman comic on the shelves lately.
The trend of finishing T.V. series in comic format continues as X-Files Season 10 #1 ships.


Sunday, June 9, 2013


American Vampire comes back with a one-shot extended story that leads into the relaunch  of the regular title later this year.
Batman #21 begins the much anticipated Batman Zero Year storyline.
 And to get us in the mood for the new Superman movie, DC sends out the new  Superman Unchained title. With story by Scott Snyder( Swamp Thing) and Jim  Lee (Justice League) its a sure sell-out, even with the $5.00 price tag.  Tons of variant covers for collectors to track down too. 

Plus a free copy of All-Star Superman #1 while supplies last.
 Don't forget to ask for your free Green Lantern ring if you picked up  Green Lantern #21 this week.
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