Thursday, August 29, 2013


Well this is it, the beginning of Forever Evil and the start of DC's villain month.
ALL the regular DC 52 titles in September will be replaced by Villain comics.
This means a lot of your regular books will not be available at all, while others will have 2-3 issues, each featuring a different bad guy.( for instance, Batgirl will be replaced by Dark Knight #23.1, The Ventriloquist).
Adding to the confusion is the 3D and 2D covers. The books will all ship with 2 versions, although the 3D editions will be limited.

When placing orders on-line or by return e-mail, please mention which version you would like, taking note that the 3D editions cost a buck more, and I will have to fill orders on a first come first served system. I will however give preference to customers who regularly order the titles in question over someone just picking up that 1 issue for the cool cover.

Its going to be a confusing month, but I hope fun at the same time as we  learn more about old and new villains across the DCU.

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