Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey did you know that there is a new Ghost Rider movie coming out?  Well I do now, because I have a whole box of promotional t-shirts for Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance here in the store.
There's a couple different designs and 2 different colours.
Sizes are mostly smaller(NO XXL for instance).
Anyone who spends more than $10.00 gets to pick out one for FREE!
Quantities are limited of course.


See, now here's Justice League #5. I can't believe how many people got
upset at a 1 week delay. On the other hand, it shows how important keeping
a regular monthly schedule is.
I'm kinda surprised that the only first issues coming in are relatively
minor books. The Infestation crossover last year was different, but I
haven't had a lot of interest in the sequel.
Deadpool #49.1 is an odd numbering, maybe to stretch out the story before
the big 50th issue.

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