Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I got some FREE passes in for a new movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Bateman(and its not Green Lanterns Horrible Bosses).
The Changeup is one of those movies where 2 guys change bodies and get to live each others lives. This one is R rated, so NO KIDS ALLOWED.
Each pass gets 2 people in and the movie is playing at the AMC Dundas Wednesday July 13th at 7:00( and if they would play these previews on some day other than a Wednesday, I could actually go to one myself)
First 5 people to reply to this, get a pass, so don't delay, respond today.


As promised, the new releases for the week will be on the shelves and ready to fly out of here as of 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Flashpoint #3 finally gives us a look at the being known as Project Superman. (The first issue of the book by that name was remarkably devoid of any Superman.) And don't even get me started on that last page reveal.

Just a reminder to those of you who place your reserve orders by E-Mail or through the on-line store. I pull the orders on Tuesdays now, so please have your orders in by Monday night. Thanks.

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