Friday, September 28, 2012


Its that time of year again when the ghosts and goblins or more likely Sheriff Rick and Carl (and maybe Michonne) will be banging on your door, looking for treats.

Well you know what I always say,

"Rot their brains, not their teeth"

This year, give the little ghouls a real treat and stick a comic book in their pumpkin. A comic book will last them a lot longer than candy or chips, and is a lot less messy to save or share. And unlike peanuts or milk chocolate, very few kids are actually allergic to printed words and colourful pictures.
Comics & More has a great deal with a pack of 10 comics for only $2.00.
At 20cents a piece its cheaper than almost any sugary treat you could buy.

Shop early to get the best selection, I know from past experience, these packs sell fast. And don't underestimate how many you'll need. There's 2 more benefits to the comics, they won't go bad if you get stuck with a few leftovers, and you won't be tempted to eat them yourself.

While you're here, pick up a treat for yourself. There are plenty of horror related titles available in store, Marvel Zombies, for one, would make a great read to pass the time between visitors. Or catch up on your Walking Dead. The comic is different enough to the T.V. series that you won't have to worry about spoiling the show for yourself.
  All 16 volumes of the comic will be on sale starting  October 13th,  a whopping 25% off each,
with a special intro price of $5.00 for volume 1, thats half price!!


Well the end is in sight, as Avengers VS. X-Men #12 ships. Is there a final battle that is responsible for all the upcoming relaunches of the Marvel titles? Or is it something as simple as Marvel hoping to outsell DC in November?
Daredevil End of Days is a mini-series like those stories from a few years back that were simply titled "...the end". Punisher the End and Hulk the End were great, but the X-Men one dragged on for a year and a half.
Legends of the Dark Knight #1 is a collection of short on-line stories being collected in comic book format for the first time. Some great creators in the mix including Jeff Lemire.
A couple of big crossovers start, as Green Lantern #13 begins the Rise of the 3rd Army. At Marvel, Minimum Carnage begins, set to run through Scarlet Spider and Venom.

Friday, September 21, 2012


The big #1 this week should make us all happy. Happy #1 is a Grant Morrison title from Image comics with art by Darick Robertson. It's a crazy story about an Ex-cop hitman and a tiny blue horse, sounds like typical Morrison.

DC gives us the revival of Rose and Thorn in a one-shot. These National Comics stories have been pretty good so far.. just not sure where the characters go from here.
Talon #0 starts off the new regular series for the Court of Owls character, as he tries to adjust to a life without his masters.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Not sure what the big deal was over AVX #11, you'd think people didn't know how many times Xavier has died and come back. Maybe reading Avengers #30 this week will lend more insight.
The DC #0's have been great so far, I'm kinda looking forward to Justice League #0, the all Shazam issue. Wonder Woman #0 should be a great read too. Sword of Sorcery #0 brings Amethyst back to the DC Universe, and DC Presents #0 gives us a last(first) look at some of the DC 52 that have already been canceled, such as Hawk & Dove and O.M.A.C. Could be an important comic if it gives us any more info on WHO is really controlling OMAC now.
NOT part of the DC 52, Ghost #0 brings back a classic Dark Horse character. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto should deliver, on this one.
Finally getting the Justice League Flash figure this week. These have been selling out fast, and Flash has been a really popular request for some reason.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BIG book sale

When I say BIG book, of course I'm talking about some REALLY big books.
In my continuing effort to find the floor in the basement here at the store, I have brought some more stuff  up for the front sale table.
This time around it's DC Showcases and Archives. AT 50% off U.S cover.
That's less than $10.00 a piece for the Showcases and $25.00 for the Archives.
The DC Showcase are those huge 500+ page B&W reprints of classic 60's and 70's stories. ( At $10.00 each, that's less than 2 cents a page!!)
And the Archives are similar, only more expensive cause of the deluxe colour hardcover format.
Anyway, I'm counting on all you regular bargain hunters to get in here and help me move some of the extras volumes that are taking up way too much space.
There's a nice selection of most superhero titles and quite a few of the War, Adventure,and Mystery type too. ( quite a few of these feature brilliant art by the late Joe Kubert)

Friday, September 7, 2012


And Zero month continues. I must say I was pleasantly surprised how brisk the sales were on the first weeks batch, with a couple selling through before Wednesday night. With this week including several Batman titles, shopping early might be wise. Demon Knights will be an interesting read after the events shown in this weeks Stormwatch. And Resurrection Man comes full circle as it ends with #0 as Mitch learns his origin at last.
Marvel is promising media coverage on Avengers VS. X-Men #11, I'm not sure what the BIG news will be...maybe someone will die, IF Marvel actually has the guts to kill one of their characters. Marvel seems sure it will be attention grabbing though, as they are shipping every comic they can with Avengers and or X-Men in the title the same day. (11 books at my count)

The Judas Coin hrdcvr is a new original story written and drawn by Simonson, tracing the impact of one of the 30 pieces of silver on the DC Universe. Timed nicely to coincide with launch of the Phantom Stranger comic, although I doubt this story is connected in any way to the New 52 continuity of Batman.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And the winners are...

Well a couple of my customers have their Halloween cut out for them, as they have just won a Court of Owls mask.

The 2 winners drawn at random after closing last night are:

Jason Chorney
Shawn Mclaren

If they dont show up in the next 10 minutes, I'll give the prizes to someone else...
Just kidding.
If they aren't regular readers of this blog, I'll contact them personally and let them know to come in and pick up the masks.
Thanks to everyone who entered, and for helping me sell through my copies of Batman Inc. #3, despite holding them back for the extra month.

In the continuing effort to clean out the basement here at the store, I am having a sale on some used board games. Any games on the front sale table with a RED tag are priced to go , as low as $5-10. Most are just slightly used as trial or demo games here at the store. All pieces and rules should be in the boxes, but all of them are being sold AS IS, so check them out before you leave.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


ZERO month is here. But I prefer to think of it as Origin month.
DC ships the first batch of #0 issues as they give late-comers to the NEW 52 a fresh place to start, and answer some questions for those of us who've been reading since the #1's. Green Lantern #0 is the introduction of the newest Green Lantern, who seems to feel the need to cover his face.
Archie Comics superheroes get a new start as the Crusaders on-line comics come to print.


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