Thursday, June 20, 2013


WOW, what an insane week.
After a full month of barely filling the shelves, we get this monster delivery thats going to leave me wondering where to fit it all on the new comics racks.
Age of Ultron #10 AI, is a bridge issue between the crossover and a new Avengers title featuring Hank Pym and his amazing robot squad.
Batman/Superman is a title that always sells well for the first year or so until the writers start to run out of ideas. The first arc by Greg Pak and Jae Lee looks amazing and should give the book a great start.

The 2nd issue of Jupiters Legacy finally arrives, lets hope it hasnt lost any momentum from the first issue.

All 3 Justice League comics arrive on the same day. Could be DC trying to get them lined up for the Trinity of Sin crossover starting in July(could just be Geoff and friends falling behind).

The Lantern comics grow by 1 as Larfleeze gets his own title(comes with an Orange ring)

Greg Rucka moves his toys over to Image as he starts up a new creator owned title, Lazarus, about a genetically created woman in a future destroyed by economic collapse.
Running to Dynamite( after jumping off Action) Andy Diggle starts a new series simply titled Uncanny. Its about a guy who can steal other peoples powers and abilities, and uses them for crime( think Rogue meets Thief of Thieves).

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