Thursday, May 29, 2014


A little more reasonable delivery this week, with a good mix of stuff.
Many of the new 52 DC titles this month will have a Bombshell variant. These are basically art pieces based on the old 50's pin-ups girls. I will have a decent supply of these variants, but they will sell quick at cover price. If you are interested make sure to order early.
Batman '66 meets Green Hornet is written by Kevin Smith and looks like a lot of fun. It is basically a sequel to the time the heroes met up in the T.V. show.
New Vampirella is pretty self explanatory. As is Big Trouble in Little China.
Princess Ugg looks like a fun all-ages book about a barbarian princess who's quite a bit different from the other girls at princess school. Its by Ted Naifeh of Courtney Crumrin fame.
More all-ages fun as Tiny Titans returns for a 6 issue run.
If you havent been reading Afterlife with Archie(zombie Archie) make sure to pick up the first trade paperback collection of issues 1-5.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

NEW comics MAY 28th

A really big week to end off the month. A good mix of titles with a couple of BIG #1's to watch for.
Horror fans will be happy to see more Clive Barker on the shelves as Nightbreed #1 arrives.
More horror/comedy as Chew and Revival team-up for a one-shot.
Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 brings us 4 short self contained stories kind of like what got us all into comics years ago.
Thanos Annual #1 teams Jim Starlin with Ron Lim to bring us a big battle between the Mad Titan and his greatest foes, the Avengers and himself. This story will lead into the Thanos original hardcover coming soon.
 C.O.W.L. brings us the story of the worlds first organized super-hero union. What do they do when they are TOO successful.
With Forever Evil wrapping up this week, we can finally get to read Nightwing #30. How and why does Dick become Grayson Agent of Spyral.
Warren Ellis is back big time as Trees begins. Huge monoliths from the stars planted themselves all over the Earth, and for 10 years did nothing. Now something is happening.

WEEKLY Reviews

Batman Eternal #7

For those who aren't following along with the weekly series, Batman Eternal is a stand-alone Batman title completely different from the other bat-books on the shelves. Batman Eternal features a number of different writers and artists working on the same story, keeping things interesting and (hopefully) on time.

So far, the story in Batman Eternal features a wide cast of characters and we're being given a number of different plot points that are all slowly winding towards each other. Gotham is seemingly being overthrown by ex-mob boss Carmine Falcone, who appears to have the GCPD in the palm of his hand. After orchestrating the imprisonment of Commissioner Gordon and manipulating Professor Pyg, it looks like Falcone is slowly completing his takeover of Gotham.

This issue features The Penguin, Catwoman, and lots of explosions. Of course, in between the turf wars, crooked cops, and maniac villains, Batman remains on the streets investigating the circumstances surrounding Gordon's mysterious imprisonment, and the rise of an ex crime lord.

It's a good read, and gives us a little bit of everything that makes Batman books fun - detective work, villains, team-ups, and action.

Futures End #3

Another weekly series, this one featuring the entire DC roster, as well as Batman Beyond. This title takes place five years into the future of the current DCU. Batman Beyond has been sent back in time to prevent a future believed to be caused by Mr.Terrific's corporation, Terrifitech. It's a future where an AI has taken over the world, assimilating any living beings, including superheroes and villains into cyborg bugs. Unfortunately, Batman Beyond arrives five years too late, and the transformation to his eventual future is already underway.

This weekly series is only three weeks in, and while the cast will eventually grow, it currently features Batman Beyond, Firestorm, and Frankenstein. They'll likely be important characters when the terrifying future is eventually realized, and the writers are keeping things interesting leading up to that moment. Surely though, it's a long ways away.

For DC's September issues, each one will tie into Futures End. They won't be necessary but they should give a good look at how each character fits into the future. It looks like Futures end is going to have lasting implications on the DCU as well, so it's a good title to pick up for DC fans.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Comics May 21st

Super busy week but very few NEW titles to mention, but still a lot of great stuff.
MPH #1 starts off another Millar World title, this one features a gang of street kids who get hooked on a speed drug.
Batman and Frankenstein continues the Dark Knights hunt for the corpse of Damian. With the series Robin Reborn coming in a few months, this book might be an important prelude.
Forever Evil #7 finally arrives, and with it all the books tying in to the ending can finally ship. This week you will get Justice League #30 and Justice League America #14.
Amazing X-Men #7 is a guest shot by Kathryn Immonen, writing a Spidy and his Amazing Friends story.
Image heavy list as well, as Mercenary Sea, Saga and Velvet all arrive together.
The book end of the list has the first collection of Coffin Hill( my favourite new Vertigo title), and a NEW hrdcvr team-up of Black Canary and Zatanna. This is an original story NOT a reprint, written by Paul Dini.
Originally meant to be drawn by Amanda Connor, I think the preview art by Joseph Quinones looks great.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Comics May 14th

Big week again.
Justice League United #1 gets a Canada variant cover, these might go fast if the media picks up on it, so reserve a copy early.
Superman Doomed starts off a Doomsday battle that runs through many of the Superman titles for the next few months.
In United States of Murder Inc. Bendis gives us a world in which the mob runs the country. It sounds good, but I really wish Bendis would stop working on new stuff until he can get his other late books back on track(Scarlet anyone).
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1 is the first of a 4-part mini, as Shang-Chi tracks down a killer.
Weird Love #1 is a great collection of classic '50's material featuring art by folks like José Luis García-López.
Had a lot of people playing catch-up on Batman Eternal this week. Remember that New 52 Futures End is a weekly book as well.If you cant make it in each week, be sure to add these books to your pull list so you don't miss an issue.


Friday, May 2, 2014

New Comics Wednesday May 7th

Well, FCBD was a huge success. Busiest one ever. I'll try to post more later.
Lots of stuff to mention for next week..
Marvel continues to amaze me with the numbering gimmicks they come up with to confuse us(and you) into buying their stuff.  Amazing Spider-Man #1.1, despite its numbering nonsense, is not connected in any way with the new #1 you just bought this week. INSTEAD, it is the first issue of a Year One type story that fits after the events of the original Spider-Man #1 from 1963. One of the stories in the new #1 leads into this, but I'm sure there will still be many customers(and retailers) confused by this.
Original Sin #1 arrives, and I have to say I was pleased with the #0 issue. Should be a good story, but again, it will get confusing with the oddly named and numbered spin-offs and specials.
Cyclops #1 starts a series featuring kid Cyclops, the time displaced one.
Ultimate Spider-Man relaunches for like the 3rd or 4th time. This time Miles not only has to live up to Peters legacy, but try to adjust to a world ravaged by Galactus.(Unless the writers have forgotten that little piece of info).

We get a glimpse into the future of the DC Universe with the start of the new weekly series, New 52 Futures End. If you picked up the #0 issue for free on Saturday, you'll have a good idea where this one is going. Its an amazing story featuring some under used characters, such as Frankenstein,
Batman Beyond and Grifter. This title will have major impact on the DC characters when ALL the DC titles jump 5 years in the future in September.
Batman/Superman takes a break in the story to catch up on its schedule. This is a great one-shot fill-in by Jeff Lemire as the Atom shows up to help Superman get small enough to get into Batmans brain.
The Woods is a sci-fi/horror title by James Tynion (Batwing, Batman Eternal),about a group of high school kids teleported to an alien planet.
Nailbiter gives us insight into the question of where do serial killers come from.

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