Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well it is certainly a Dynamite week to wrap up 2013.
Starting off with Legenderry a Steampunk Adventure. A new mini-series by Fables creator Bill Wllingham, its an alternate world team-up of many of Dynamite comics licensed characters such as the Shadow, Green Hornet, Red Sonja and more.
We also get the new Twilight Zone series by Straczynski. And dont forget  L'il Evil Ernie, the first of the kiddified specials from Dynamite. Following weeks will see, L'il Red Sonja, L'il Bionic Kids and others.

Vertigo starts off the Dead Boy Detectives in a regular series, after their successful run in the Vertigo specials over the last year.
Star Wars the Lucas Draft gets a #0 issue that is basically the genesis of the series featuring artwork and script notes from the original Lucas stuff.
Revelations is reprinting the Ramos series from the beginning.
There is a nice batch of dollar comics shipping as well. American Vampire from Vertigo and Captain Midnight, Conan, and X, all from Dark Horse.

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