Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The main thing DC did with their relaunch that was amazing, was  getting all their titles on track and shipping them in a relatively sane order. Now all of a sudden they are pulling a page from Marvels handbook and sending multiple books from the same family on the same day.
This is the 2nd month in a row that they have sent all 3 Green Lantern titles together, and this time we are getting 3 books with Justice League on the cover too. Along with the regular Justice League comic, we are getting the first issue of the new J.L.A., and the spin-off comic Vibe(full title is Justice Leagues Vibe).
DC also gives us the end of an era as Hellblazer comes to a close after 300 issues. Don't worry, our favourite mage, will be back soon in his new DC 52 title, Constantine, co-written by none other than Jeff Lemire.
Marvel counters with the relaunch of Nova. A new version of the classic character.
My Little Pony gets a spin-off mini-series to satisfy those Brony urges twice a month.
The 2nd of the Batman Automobilia figures arrives as well. This one is the classic 1966 T.V. show version.

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