Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hey its an ALL New Marvel week, as Doop gets his own mini-series and the Ultimate Universe launches again.
I guess Marvel figured 5 issues of Doop would satisfy the fans of the little green blob.
The ALL-New Ultimates lives up to its name as we get a completely new roster for the team, including Cloak and Dagger, Spidergirl and Kitty Pryde.
Daredevil #1 sold well, proving $4.00 isnt too much for a comic as long as its a good one. But this month its issue  Daredevil #1.50 which is meant to be a 50th anniversary issue that I guess fits between #1 and #2?
Iron Fist returns to a solo comic( why not All New Iron Fist?). And Nightcrawler 'ports to his own title after his return in Amazing X-Men.
Shutter #1 starts the story of a globe spanning adventurer in a world familiar with demons and supernatural creatures.
Lumberjanes is a comic about 5 girls at summer camp encountering yetis and other odd beasts. Described as a blend of Buffy and Gravity Falls. Looks like a fun all-ages comic by a group of very talented women.
DC gets back into the weekly comics game in a BIG way with Batman Eternal #1. The teasers for this series so far hint at the return of Steph Brown( the Spoiler), Catwoman turns on Batman and it looks like Jim Gordon is arrested in the wake of a major subway train accident.

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