Thursday, August 15, 2013


Great week of stuff, but not much new to mention. Giving us a bit of a break before all the mayhem of September hits.
Batman Beyond resets to #1, I'm still not sure why that title needs to relaunch every year or so.
Justice League Dark #23 arrives, putting us 1 step closer to Forever Evil.
I know what the comic "Kiss Kids" sounds like, but it features the pint size adventures of Gene and the gang.



Spinning off the pages of Avengers and New Avengers, Jonathan Hickman brings us Infinity which acts as Marvel's next big universe-wide crossover event.

Infinity #1 sets the stage for the six issue event with the Avengers leaving Earth to confront a universe-wide threat known as The Builders. While the Earth is unguarded, Thanos sees the perfect opportunity to make his move. What exactly that move will be, we don't yet know. The Infinity Gems have been featured greatly throughout the current New Avengers run, so it's likely that they will play a big part in Thanos plans. The current Avengers books have discussed heavily the destruction of alternate Earths, which will likely also come into play shortly.

Infinity is clearly going to be a sci-fi epic featuring a huge cast of Marvel characters. Fans of just about every Marvel hero will have something to look forward to with Infinity. Because of the scope of the event, Hickman's previous Avengers titles should be read beforehand. Infinity #1 doesn't have a recap page, likely due to the thoroughly woven plot of the current Avengers titles. The flagship books have been very entertaining, straying from the standard Marvel formula of superhero books. While the books are still, at the heart, superhero titles, they both read more as sci-fi space operas. A different direction, but a very interesting one.

Infinity features Thanos, the mad Titan, who can be found in his own miniseries Thanos Rising, the final issue of which hits shelves August 28th. Unlike the current Avengers titles, Thanos Rising is not required to enjoy Infinity #1. However, it could help for readers new to the character. The event ties into the Avengers books, as well as certain character titles such as Thunderbolts, Captain Marvel, and others. The tie-ins won't be absolutely integral to Infinity, but some will be more important than others.

So far, Infinity is off to a good start. It's certainly a different kind of Marvel book. While Infinity is running its course, Marvel's next event will just be starting with the X-Men event Battle of the Atom. It's certainly a big summer/autumn for Marvel readers.

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