Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ANNUAL REVIEWS(Reviews of this weeks annuals)

Batman Annual #2
Though insisting it's a Zero year tie-in, the second Batman annual is actually a stand alone story that takes place in the present. With the exception of one page that takes place in Zero Year (and requires no previous Zero Year knowledge), Batman Annual #2 is a solid story that takes place in Arkham Asylum.
To test out the latest advances in super villain containment technology, Dr.Arkham recruits Batman to try and break out of Arkham Asylum. In the midst of the exercise, Arkham's longest incapacitated inmate, the Anchoress, decides it would be a perfect time to escape and confront the man she blames for her misfortunes


Friday, July 26, 2013


Well its 5th week time again, so we're a little light on DC titles. What we do get however are some super sized annuals, and they look great.
Batman Annual #2 is by regular writer Scott Snyder and fits in with the Zero Year story running in the main title. Detective Annual #2 and Animal Man Annuals have the real writers on them as well and fit in with their respective main titles. The Flash Annual however seems to be a one-shot story featuring Flash and Green Lantern teaming up for the first time.

Wolverine in the Flesh sounds like some celebrity written thing with Wolverine teaming up with Top Chef USA.
Tom Strong is back, I've always enjoyed his adventures and am looking forward to this new mini.
Collider #1 is a new Vertigo title, hot on the heals of Snyders hit, The Wake, and with Lemires new book, Trillium coming in a few weeks. Collider is described as blue collar sci-fi, and features a Federal team tasked with repairing the laws of physics.
Please note: Our copies of Superior Spider-man #1 were delayed last week, so this book is NEW to our store.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hunger #1, and Superman/Batman review

Hunger #1 is the first book of the Marvel Universe-spanning event. Hot off the heels of Age of Ultron, it is rooted primarily in the Ultimate Comics universe, though repercussions may be felt on the main Marvel Universe titles as well. Hunger is new reader friendly, so you don't need pick up any previous Ultimate Comics titles to be able to enjoy this read.

Hunger #1 features Rick Jones, who is the Ultimate Comics version of Nova. Rick is told by The Watcher that a universe altering event is on the horizon, and that can mean only one thing: it's time to observe. Rick watches as a hungry Galactus reaches from his universe into theirs, while the Gah Lak Tus swarm (the Ultimate Universe version of Galactus) pays a visit to the eater of worlds. That's when things go from bad to worse.

Hunger #1 is a solid issue from beginning to end, and it's setting up something big for both the main Marvel titles as well as the Ultimate line. It was rumored that the Ultimate line might be coming to a close with Hunger, though that was quickly dismissed by Marvel at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Evidently, it's quite the opposite. It was mentioned that Hunger is just the beginning of an incredible upcoming change in the Ultimate Universe, and for that reason, Hunger is one of the must-read Marvel books this summer. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sex Criminals, Rat Queens, the Dial H swan song, and the strangest Star Wars tale ever told?

We are right in the middle of the dog days of summer and, before you know it, the school bells will be ringing again. Here are a few books coming out in September you might want to add to your pull list.

Let's start with a story which almost didn't see the light of day:

Writer: J. W. Rinzler; Artist: Mike Mayhew; Colorist: Rain Beredo, Brad Anderson; Cover Artist: Nick Runge
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Before Star Wars, there was The Star Wars! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become a motion picture that would change the world.

Annikin Starkiller is the hero . . . Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general . . . Han Solo is a big green alien . . . and the Sith . . . Well, the Sith are still the bad guys. High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away!

* Official adaptation of George Lucas’s original screenplay for Star Wars!

Apparently the idea to adapt it has be floating around for years, but Lucas was adamant this would not be made. That was until Dark Horse showed him 10 pages of art and he relented and signed off.

It's an 8-issue limited series, so the commitment isn't huge if you're curious to see how Star Wars might have looked.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well it looks like the weather cleared up nicely just in time for our BIG street sale.
There should be close to a 1,000 different new unread graphic novels out on sale for $5.00 a piece. Many of these books retail for $20.00 and up so you're looking at 75% off in some cases.
Also, some great Green Lantern and Blackest Night action figures for $5.00 each.

And remember, almost everything in the store will be 26% off.

I reserve the right to limit any items during the sale. Please work with me here, I'm a nice guy, but I'm not about to put myself out of business selling stuff for below cost.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Its another Marvel heavy week as we get a batch of Avengers books along with the first issue of Hunger. this is the spin-off from Age of Ultron as the Universes collide, Galactus goes after the Ultimates Universe. Oh yeah, it also has something to do with Angela( from the Spawn Universe).
Tired of relaunching all their titles with the word Uncanny in front of them, Marvel is now adding the adjective, Superior, as in Superior Spider-Man Team-up.
2 great fan favourites team up in Rocketeer and the Spirit. The variant cover by Darwyn Cooke will go fast.
Constantine #5 is a tie-in with the Trinty War story running in Justice League Dark, also out this week.

Wednesdays Reviews

Superior Carnage #1 is the first instalment in a five issue miniseries featuring perhaps one of the most violent characters in the Marvel universe. The last few Carnage miniseries titles have been fun, though they aren't necessary reads if you're jumping into Superior Carnage. Continuing with the 'Superior' moniker of the recent Spider-Man books, this miniseries revolves around Carnage unwillingly joining a new rendition of the Frightful Four, alongside lesser-villains The Wizard and Klaw. Of course, Carnage tends not to react well to restraints or rules which will likely make for some fun conflict in the coming issues.
Off the bat, this is a considerably more graphically violent Carnage story which, all things considered, is really the only sensible way to write a maniacal serial killer bonded with a murderous alien. Suffice to say, this one isn't for youngsters. Marvel is clearly releasing this book for a more mature audience. The last couple Carnage minis haven't been as graphic, making this Superior Carnage arc a significantly more enjoyable read in comparison to the others.
The artwork by Segova and Ramos is fantastic, and there's a stunning double page spread in the book that would make an amazing poster or addition to a comic art wall. Kevin Shnick takes writing duties and delivers an action packed issue that doesn't skimp on story progression, while at the same time delivering some fantastic character moments. The Wizard, often a B-list villain, has never seemed so ruthless.
The 'Superior' handle may seem tacked on at first glance, but this really is a superior Carnage... one we haven't seen for a while. More psychotic, disturbing, and vehement in many more ways than the previous Carnage minis. The creative team seems well chosen, and the future instalments of Superior Carnage seem promising after this first issue.


Batman 66 is a revisitation of the 1966 Batman television series, but in comic book form. It's a rare breed of comic that combines classic characters, dialogue and artwork with modern storytelling; a real throwback to the 60's in many, many ways. Better still, it's also a solid read from front to back.

 This first issue features the caped crusader and the boy wonder caught up in a conundrum involving The Riddler. Tasked with recovering stolen gold statues, the dynamic duo team up with Catwoman to put an end to Riddler's shenanigans and place him behind bars once again. Of course, things aren't that easy when dealing with a madman's mind games.

 Everything about Batman 66 feels as though it's been ripped from the 60's and placed in your hands, less the pages themselves. The campy dialogue, the halftone coloring, the character costumes, and the settings are all true to the 60's Batman show. If you've had the pleasure of experiencing the old show in just about any volume, you'll get a kick out of the way this book reads. For those unfamiliar with the show (or older comics for that matter), you'll get the chance to experience comics from a fun new perspective.

 Jeff Parker (Spider-Man: 1602, Thunderbolts) has captured the essence of the 60's Batman show very well, but the story reads as a more cohesive, almost modern Batman tale. Everything comes together quite well at the end, and from front to back, the book is consistently entertaining. A huge part of this book, as well as the writing, is the aesthetics. The artwork by Jonathan Case is a mix of worn pastel shades with bright vibrant colors, and lots of halftones. Visually, it looks as if it's been yanked from the interiors of early 60's and 70's comic books. Very well done.

 Batman 66 is a great first issue in what looks to be a promising ongoing series, and a fun addition to the numerous Bat books on shelves today.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Another new Batman comic starts this week, but one like never before seen.
Batman 66 #1, features stories based on the campy Batman live t.v. series from the 1960's. Joker with his mustache painted white, King Tut and Bookworm, and multi-racial Catwomen, not to mention the Batusi. Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb, but this comic will be anything but.
Batman and Catwoman continues the Dark Detective's slide into madness, hopefully Catwoman can cheer him up.
Justice League of America #6 continues the beginning of the end of the Justice Leagues.
Red Sonja relaunches with a new #1, this time written by Gail Simone, and features a couple different covers by lady artists like Amanda Connor and Nicola Scott.
Apparently adding the word Uncanny to every other book isn't working out so well at Marvel, so they've moved on to a new adjective. This week we get Superior Carnage(3rd Superior title this month with more to come)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review- Wednesday July 10th

The first issue of the 6- part Trinity War goes on sale today.
 And here's what Shawn has to say about the first company wide crossover for DC since relaunching almost 2 years ago.

The DC Comics summer event, Trinity War, officially begins with Justice League #22 written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis. Trinity War pits the Justice League teams against each other in all out war, while unbeknownst to the heroes, a mysterious threat looms unseen in the darkness. Justice League #22 kicks things into high gear early on with stellar action sequences and a huge roster of characters to enjoy.
When new superhero Shazam shows up in the DC Universe and inadvertently violates international law, the Justice League decides to take responsibility for correcting the situation. Traveling overseas to contain the new superhero, a heated conflict arises between the Justice League and Shazam. Things go from bad to worse when the JLA is sent in to bring the Justice League back home, leading to an all out war. Major repercussions will be felt by characters in the coming issues, as war is never without its casualties.
Things may not be as they seem though - it appears that there are other forces at work which may be pulling the strings from the shadows. 
Justice League #22 has a massive 34 pages packed with story and action, though it doesn't feel like a long read. The book has a satisfactory blend of fight sequences and dialogue, allowing the story to progress smoothly page to page while keeping things visually interesting. Johns and Reis have a fantastic history together on John's decade-long Green Lantern run, making the two creators the perfect choice to launch part one of Trinity War.
 Justice League #22 is new-reader friendly, though readers of last week's Pandora: Trinity of Sin #1 will have the added benefit of understanding Pandora's history in the DCU. Because Trinity War encompasses all of the Justice League teams (including JLA and Justice League Dark) we have a full roster of characters interacting with each other. Even better, you don't need to have read the individual character titles to enjoy part one of Trinity War. 
Leading up to September's DC Comics Forever Evil month, in which all regular titles will feature villains instead of heroes, Trinity War has launched the DCU characters into a pretty fun conflict. How it will end is anyone's guess, though we'll get to find out at the end of August. Trinity War continues in Justice League of America #6 and Justice League Dark #22. 
For the reader who wants it all, other Trinity War tie-ins include Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger and Constantine. 
Thanks Shawn, I'd like to add I enjoyed this issue very much and am looking forward to future chapters. As a side note, Pandora #1 sold out of a very healthy order and I am currently waiting for 2nd prints  to arrive in store. Make sure you don't miss any of the story by calling or e-mailing me at the store to request your copies.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


The Trinity of War crossover running through the various Justice League titles in July and August, will apparently result in Evil triumphing over Good.
As a result, ALL the regular DC titles in September will be replaced by books featuring villains.
Instead of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Aquaman, we will be reading the adventures of Braniac, Man-Bat, Sinestro and others.

The main story will run through a 7-part series titled FOREVER EVIL, and will deal with the death of the Justice League.
Now these issues will really stand out on the shelves, because along with their title changes, the books that month will all be produced with special 3-D foil covers. DC is promising that this is an all-new technology never before used in comics and the samples I've seen look really amazing. Of course the down side is that every book that month will be $4.00,  which is an extra buck for more than half of them.

I am currently attempting to place my orders for these books, which isn't easy with the higher price and the title changes to take into account. Some of them are being done by the regular creative team and will fit into the continuity of the main title, while others may end up feeling like one-shot fill-ins. And of course there's the whole matter of speculator interest in the cool 3-D covers. I doubt that a 3-D Joker #1 comic will last long on the shelves past the first few hours of the day it arrives.

I will do my best to match titles up with members existing pull orders, but if there are any that look interesting to you, that fall out of your regular buying habits, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.



A little busier this week, although the list would be shorter without all the variant covers listed. Only a couple #1's to mention and a reminder on the 2 hot DC storylines running this summer.

Hey, another Adventure Time mini-series. I know these things are popular, but its getting tough to tell them apart now(not as bad as Avengers yet)
Ghosted is a new Image title about a master thief tasked with stealing a ghost??
Sheltered is about a survivalist group preparing for the end times.
TMNT Animated is on the air and a whole new generation of kids are going to be snapping up the 4-colour adventures in comic form.
Batman #22 continues the Zero Year storyline that sold out issue #21 so quick.
Justice League #22 continues the Trinity of War storyline begun in Pandora #1 this week( still a few left if you missed it).

Marvel Share Your Universe is a freebie mag that seems to be pushing the Marvel Digital site, not really sure if I feel like promoting that here in my retail shop.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Comics Wednesday- Reviews

In an effort to keep you all a little better informed on whats new on the shelves each week, I am teaming up with a few regular customers who blog and review.
This week Shawn has his thoughts on 2 new titles you'll find on the shelves today.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1-
Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #1 kicks off the summer-wide DC event Trinity War with a bang.

The issue serves as a prologue to the Trinity War event and tells the story of Pandora, a young tribeswoman from 8000 BC who discovers and unleashes sin upon all the world. Each of the seven deadly sins - envy, gluttony, pride, greed, sloth, wrath, and lust - are let loose due in part to Pandora's natural curiosity, and she must now spend the rest of her life weighted by the guilt of her actions. Her village is ravaged, her family is slain, and she must journey forth on her own.

Traveling the world throughout the millennia, Pandora has dedicated her life to eradicating the seven spirits of sin from the world, and Trinity of Sin: Pandora excels at showing how lengthy and demanding her journey has been. This story spans many millennia and many important historical periods. It's clear that Pandora's journey has been influencing the current DCU for a very long time.

Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Justice League Dark) has done an incredible job telling a story that is friendly to new readers, or readers who might not be familiar with the upcoming Trinity of Sin event. Pandora's journey ties in well with the DC Universe, but you don't need years of backstory to jump into Trinity of Sin: Pandora and enjoy the tale Fawkes is weaving. Readers of the Shazam backup in Justice League will, however, get to see how the two stories tie together.

All in all, this is a great prologue for the Trinity War event, which begins next week in Justice League #22. Fawkes has provided a great look at the mysterious character Pandora, who's been randomly and inexplicably appearing in the backgrounds of many DC titles. The art was handled by Cannon,Sampere, Cifuentes, and Zircher who all did a fantastic job telling the story and handling the few action sequences the book has to offer.

Certainly pick this book up if you want a head start on Trinity War.


Satellite Sam #1 is the newest title from Marvel Architect Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Fantastic Four, FF) and acclaimed artist/writer Howard Chaykin  (Black Kiss, numerous Marvel & DC titles) about a young man investigating his father's death, but more importantly, investigating his fathers life.

Satellite Sam takes place in 1950's New York and tells the story of Michael White, a young man working for the LeMonde Network, a television station on the verge of a revolution in colour broadcast. Michael is part of the production team for a live-to-air sci-fi program, in which his father plays the lead character Satellite Sam.

Upon hearing of his father's untimely and sudden death, Michael learns that there was much more to the man's life than he had initially thought. A mysterious world of amateur smut and questionable practices lead Michael wondering just what his father was up to before his death. Also a big part of the story is Mr.LeMonde, president of the LeMond network, who's hunger to reach the peak of the broadcast industry is already leading towards a heated conflict. Satellite Sam is clearly a book written by and made for adults.

Fraction and Chaykin are the perfect creative team for a book like Satellite Sam. Chaykin's history as a controversial artist adds to the somewhat provocative subject matter of the book. His black & white pages display a detailed freneticism; a great example of traditional methods and digital tools. Anyone who's read a creator owned book by Fraction knows that his dialogue varies in tone and structure from page to page, and Satellite Sam #1 is no exception. It's a great example of storytelling and sequential art. It's a fun read with interesting characters.

Image has been on a roll for a while now, releasing some top notch creator owned titles. Image Expo 2013 kicked off July 2nd and the future of the publisher looks as promising as ever. Satellite Sam is a great addition to the Image family, and this debut issue is highly recommended for fans of adult-themed mystery comics. 

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