Thursday, January 30, 2014

NEW COMICS - Wednesday February 5th

Well its a big start to a small month.
Marvel gives us another batch of All New #1's, although its hard to get excited about yet another relaunch of Punisher, and what must be the 10th Wolverine #1 in the last few years.
Ms. Marvel at least is an actual new character in an old title. The new character is a young Muslim girl who seems to have powers like Mr. Fantastic,she seemed to be stretching all over in the All New Marvel preview last month. From the same preview, we got a look at Loki Agent of Asgard, as he wormed his way around the Marvel Universe gathering up the keys he needed to unleash some mighty magic sword. It looks like it could be fun.
DC gives us a one-shot special on the character known as The Jokers Daughter. So far we've only seen her villain month special and her short battle with Catwoman. I guess this over-sized special will fill us in on where she actually comes from,and where she might be heading.
The Harley Quinn Special is an 80 pager reprinting a batch of Harley's solo stories from the last few years.
Green Lantern/Red Lanterns #28 is a flip-book that has both titles in it for the price of one. YES, you get both comics for only $2.99. This one is worth buying just for the value...and maybe encouraging DC and the other companies to give us more deals like this.
Another blast from the past as Turok Dinosaur Hunter launches, soon to be followed by new Solar and Magnus titles.


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