Friday, October 18, 2013


2 more chapters in the Forever Evil ship as we find out whats become of the Justice League and Justice League Dark. Sounds like Constantine and friends will have their hands full with the Blight.
Marvel Now What? is a humour anthology like the old What The comics from years ago. Should be  a fun read.
Image starts off a couple more female lead titles as Pretty Deadly and Velvet launch. The first is Kelly Sue Deconnicks ( Capt. Marvel)supernatural western, the 2nd is a spy thriller from Ed Brubaker.
Beware the Batman is based on the current cartoon series.
Hellboy Midnight Circus is a NEW  original story by Mignola about Little Hellboy running away to join the circus.
Vertigo Essentials Sandman is a $1.00 reprint of the classic first issue, timed to lead into the new series Sandman Overture arriving next week.


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