Thursday, June 7, 2012


Some great new first issues this week.
Starting with the Before Watchmen-Silk Spectre. This is the Amanda Conner one, and the previews look great.
American Vampire continues to move at a rate that demands another mini-series. Lord of Nightmares continues with the postwar characters from the Survival of the Fittest mini-series.
Rock legends Kiss, return to comics with a new series from IDW. This series should stand on its own and you will not need to read the recent Archie Meets Kiss mini-series to follow it.
Brian Wood sets out to deliver a tale that is truly Massive. What good is an environmentalist in a world that's already ended?
Untold Tales of Punisher Max, is exactly that. Stories that take place in the Max universe before Jason Aaaron ended his run with a bang(a lot of bangs actually).
Joe Quesada, the head honcho at Marvel once said that the regular Marvel universe and the Ultimate one would never cross-over. If they did it would mean " We at Marvel have truly run out of ideas".
Well aside from the numerous times the Ultimates have met up with Marvel Zombies and that whole Squadron Supreme thing, here we have the "official" first meeting of the 2 universes.
Peter Parker meets Miles Morales in , Spider-Men, a 5 issue limited series. I'm actually looking forward to this one, as I have for the most part been enjoying the NEW Ultimate Spider-Man.

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