Thursday, January 23, 2014


Well its the end of a 5 week month so that means DC Annuals.
Batman and Robin Annual is a Year One story with Dick as Robin,and the Worlds Finest is an early story too with Power Girl and Huntress in their original Robin and Supergirl suits fighting Wonder Woman of Earth 2.
Speaking of Earth 2, that Annual is the origin of the New Earth2 Batman.
The Green Lantern Corps Annual fits into the current continuity of that
title as the Corps go to war with the Khunds and Durlans.
Whedon fans will probably snap up the new Serenity Leaves on the Wind series with son Zack
handling the writing. It continues from the movie.
The Amazing Spider-Man Movie adaptation issue #1 ships, surprising to see what basically amounts to a spoiler so soon. I guess Marvel is planning the paperback collection to be on the shelves the week of the movies release.

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