Friday, July 26, 2013


Well its 5th week time again, so we're a little light on DC titles. What we do get however are some super sized annuals, and they look great.
Batman Annual #2 is by regular writer Scott Snyder and fits in with the Zero Year story running in the main title. Detective Annual #2 and Animal Man Annuals have the real writers on them as well and fit in with their respective main titles. The Flash Annual however seems to be a one-shot story featuring Flash and Green Lantern teaming up for the first time.

Wolverine in the Flesh sounds like some celebrity written thing with Wolverine teaming up with Top Chef USA.
Tom Strong is back, I've always enjoyed his adventures and am looking forward to this new mini.
Collider #1 is a new Vertigo title, hot on the heals of Snyders hit, The Wake, and with Lemires new book, Trillium coming in a few weeks. Collider is described as blue collar sci-fi, and features a Federal team tasked with repairing the laws of physics.
Please note: Our copies of Superior Spider-man #1 were delayed last week, so this book is NEW to our store.

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