Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was listening to the radio yesterday, and they were doing a phone in survey on what people have planned to avoid the mess the G-20 is making of downtown Toronto. From the sounds of it, some people are just not understanding how much of a hassle it will be. One women was apparently naive enough to think that she was still going to a Jays game that day.

If you're tired of hearing about the G-20, then maybe you should be thinking G-23.
As in, GEE- Comics & More's 23rd anniversary sale is next weekend too.

Our store is in the East-End, well away from the security fences and barricades. And we're only steps from the Greenwood subway station, so leave the car at home and take the TTC.
Hopefully the weather will co-operate for all the plans we have here.

Tables will be lining the sidewalk in front of the store with boxes packed full of comics for the remarkably low price of only 23cents each. These are boxes that have been sitting in storage for years now, and its a real mix of stuff too, some going back to the 80's. But mostly from the '90's.

You remember that period when every comic seemed to have a foil cover. And putting Wolverine and Ghost rider together in a book, was like printing money.

There's lots of Byrne Fantastic Four issues and Grell's run on Green Arrow as well as stuff like Justice League Europe and Guardians of the galaxy.

Lots of non-DC and Marvel stuff too, such as the Dreamwave run on G.I.Joe., or Comico books like Justice Machine. Most of these books will be worth 23 cents just for the covers. I'm gonna take a copy of Fantastic Four #275 to the
FanExpo in August to see if Stan will sign it. (you can't tell me that's not him on the cover).

There'll also be piles of RED TAG paperbacks and hardcovers for only $10.00 each. The stuff I usually only haul out for conventions, and they will be included in the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE part of the sale too.

Hopefully there will be room for the T-Shirts I found while picking through the warehouse. I used to carry T-Shirts as a regular item in the store, but found sales to be too seasonal, making them a tough sale for most of the year. Everything I had left went in to storage, and now's the time to pull them out. Lots of great superhero shirts in a variety of sizes for $10.00 each.
Whatever it is you have planned for SATURDAY JUNE 26th or SUNDAY JUNE 27th
cancel those plans and get here for the biggest anniversary sale ever.
Don't give Ghost Rider a reason to mock you!!

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