Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BIG book sale

When I say BIG book, of course I'm talking about some REALLY big books.
In my continuing effort to find the floor in the basement here at the store, I have brought some more stuff  up for the front sale table.
This time around it's DC Showcases and Archives. AT 50% off U.S cover.
That's less than $10.00 a piece for the Showcases and $25.00 for the Archives.
The DC Showcase are those huge 500+ page B&W reprints of classic 60's and 70's stories. ( At $10.00 each, that's less than 2 cents a page!!)
And the Archives are similar, only more expensive cause of the deluxe colour hardcover format.
Anyway, I'm counting on all you regular bargain hunters to get in here and help me move some of the extras volumes that are taking up way too much space.
There's a nice selection of most superhero titles and quite a few of the War, Adventure,and Mystery type too. ( quite a few of these feature brilliant art by the late Joe Kubert)

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