Friday, June 1, 2012


Very busy week, along with new issues of Action, Detective and Avengers/X-Men, NOT to mention the big news on Earth 2 #2, and hey a little thing we call Walking Dead volume 16.
We also get the first of the Before Watchmen titles shipping. This is the start of the Darwyn Cooke mini covering  the Minutemen. I really think DC made a smart move with the scheduling on this thing. It may sound like a major investment as it incorporates 34 issues across 7 mini-series, but it will be shipping as 1 comic a week throughout the summer. Take advantage of a special pre-pay discount. GET THE FULL SERIES FOR $100.00, AND I'LL THROW IN A COPY OF THE WATCHMEN PAPERBACK FOR FREE! (upgrade to hardcover or Absolute for a small charge)

Image starts off Creator Owned heroes, an odd name for an anthology title from a company that basically ALL their titles are Creator Owned! Sounds like they are taking advantage of recent creator rights controversy, even to the point of shipping it the same day as Before Watchmen.
Speaking of creators, Image also ships Spawn #220,as Mcfarlane returns to the comic he started ...and forgot about for 200 or so issues. There are a pile of variant covers, but you may have to hunt around for most of them. Spawn has been a real slow seller here for years now, so it doesnt get
ordered in any real numbers.

Marvel rebrands the Thunderbolts title as Dark Avengers. I really cant understand the logic of a book getting a new cast, and a new direction, but keeping the OLD numbering.
Boom keeps on giving us the buck book treatment, to great effect. Extermination #1 starts off a new Heroes and villians versus aliens, apocalyptic story. For a buck its well worth a look.

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