Monday, April 7, 2014

Better late than never

Inhuman #1

Marvel's latest universe-wide title is a couple months late, but it picks up right where Infinity left off. The destruction of Attilan has released Terrigen mists across the world, and a good percentage of the population is transforming into Inhumans. Some with amazing powers, and others with nothing more than physical deformities or useless additions.

An Inhuman warrior named Lash has taken to the streets, abducting fresh inhuman cocoons and purging the world of any freshly hatched Inhumans who aren't of value. Lash seems to be amassing an army of sorts, and his opponent looks to be the Inhuman queen Medusa. This Inhuman book seems to focus on both sides, and more importantly how they'll build their armies for the inevitable battle yet to come.

It's also a great way for Marvel to build new heroes and villains. Over the course of the series, you can be sure that Marvel will create and test the waters with some new characters, some who may even eventually see their own individual books, or at least be added to some of the team books in the Marvel Universe. Wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in Marvel movies years from now. It almost seems like a new brand of characters is being started with Inhumans #1.

Inhuman #1 isn't to be confused with 'Inhumanity', which was a two issue series that lead into this book. Marvel could have chosen less confusing titles, which may be a problem with the upcoming event Original Sin. Keep an eye out for the 'sister series' Original Sins which will focus on smaller stories within the event.

With Inhuman #1, we get a good look at how Infinity has affected the Marvel Universe, and it serves as a nice peek at what's to come. A good choice for those who want to keep up to date with the current state of the Marvel U.

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