Friday, February 1, 2013


Marvel, NOW this is getting ridiculous. I guess they are trying to get issue #100 of All New X-men out before the next movie or something. Also, this is the third week in a row for Avengers, and 3rd issue of Superior Spider-Man this month. I guess they make up for it by sending other stuff a few years late....Seriously, Scarlet #6 has an original ship date of April 2011. Like I'm gonna remember who ordered these things 2 years ago.

Fearless Defenders is the girl version of the classic team, that seems to be just Misty Knight and Valkyrie so far, but I'm sure other members will be coming along.

DC 52 Valentines Special is a large anthology  in time for Valentines day. Features a great batch of stories by folks like Diggle and Gene Ha, and includes Valentines cards you can pull out and send to any nerd you love.
Speaking of Diggle, he and Jock get together for a new crime drama called Snapshot.
More crime drama as Garth Ennis starts his new series Red Team, about an elite NYPD narcotics squad. Sure to be full of guns and ass-kicking, stuff Ennis excels at.
Science and magic collide as a university professor discovers he is the Son of Merlin. First issue is a buck, so give it a try.

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