Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, DC really packed a lot in this weeks shipment. The only problem is what to read first.
Check below for some thoughts on what I've had a chance to read so far.
May contain some spoilery type info.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well as more than a few people have noticed already, Comics & More is not in it's usual spot at FanExpo this weekend. In Fact I'm not there at all!
This is the first year since the show began that I haven't had a booth at the show, and I find it refreshing. Sure I'll notice a dip in the old bank balance between now and Christmas, but staying in the store this weekend is already paying off in different ways.
I'm taking the time to clean up some of the mess in the basement, and sell off a pile of overstock for 25 cents each outside on this beautiful sidewalk shopping day.
Rooting through the basement I've run across some real finds, that will get my wall looking full again.
Valiant comics have been selling like crazy since it's relaunch a few months ago... so the run of original Valiants I'm bringing up should move quick(and probably piss off anyone at the show paying huge sums of cash for them right now)
Speaking of huge sales..I can bet one of the sentences driving every dealer nuts right now is" Do you have any old Walking Deads"? I know cause I hear it at the store almost every day.
Well I don't have a great run or anything, but I have brought up some amazing copies from #9 through #12. These are all original near mint never read copies that have been sitting in storage way too long.
My customers know I always put a more than fair price on wallstock so these won't last long. So get to the store as soon as you can to snap them up. And it won't cost you $45.00 to get in the store.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well DC is really filling up the 5th week this time around.
5 Annuals on the same day, all of them pretty important books. Green Lantern Annual gives us the Black Hand story we've been waiting for since the end of Blackest Night, and Detective Annual pits Batman against Black Mask,(but will he be wearing Jokers Face??).
Justice League Int. Annual may be the end of the title...and the start of something new, as it ties into Justice League #12, also shipping this week.(The variant cover on JLA #12 will be going fast with that cover)
DC also revives a couple classic characters with the mini-series Phantom Lady, and the one-shot National Comics Looker.
On the all-ages side, we get L'il Homer, the adventures of Barts dad when he was a kid.
Anyone with kids heading back to school, may want to ease their young ones grief, with a copy of the latest volume of Amulet.
The Walking Dead pins that were meant to promote the story leading up to issue #100, are finally here. If you don't manage to snag them all at the FanExpo this weekend, pick up the ones you missed, here next Wednesday. (or order a set of 7 for only $3.00 on the on-line store now!)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well no big surprise that I've had several customers asking for Hit-Girl #3 today. After all, there it is right on the front page of Marvel Comics .com, under shipping this week.
The problem is I haven't even officially confirmed orders on it yet as it DOESN'T SHIP TILL SEPTEMBER 26TH.
And that's IF Marvel doesn't update it again. You'd think with the BILLIONS of dollars Disney invested buying out Marvel they could afford a couple of unpaid interns to update their site regularly so I(and other retailers) don't look like idiots when customers insist" BUT THE MARVEL SITE SAYS IT CAME OUT TODAY".
Someone (more than a few people actually)at Marvel knows that book wasn't gonna be out this week, because they update Diamond Comics Distributor and retailers every week. It would just be nice if they had the brains to tell their OWN staff so stuff like this doesn't keep happening.

Friday, August 17, 2012


The last of the Before Watchmen minis starts as the big blue guy gets his own title. Dr Manhattan looks like another good one.
Buffy spins off another mini-series as Spike gets his own title again. Just what is up with those space bugs anyway?
Wolverine Annual ties up the Clandestine story by Alan Davis.
DC and Marvel have been doing a lot of rebooting and relaunching lately, but nothing they do can top Archie #636. The big two would have restarted the title as Archina #1 if they were running things. Yes this is the issue where the Riverdale gang really gets to see how the other side lives as the kids all swap genders. (At least I hope its just the kids, Mr Weatherbee as a woman would be pretty scary)
BATMAN INCORPORATED #3 is finally available this week. It was delayed due to content they may have seemed insensitive after the events earlier in the month. Now It has become apparent that SOME stores did NOT observe DC's request to hold back this issue(despite the fact they were given total refunds on the book and therefore did not even technically own them).
Well I know my customers are the type who would wait and buy the book legitimately rather than run to another store just to read something a few weeks before everyone else.
As such, I will be rewarding my loyal customers with a special chance at a great prize.
Anyone buying a copy of BATMAN INC. #3 between August 22nd and Sept. 1st will be entered in a draw to win a Court of Owls mask. Theres 2 available , but only one entry per person. Random draw will be held on Saturday Sept 1st. Odds of winning depend on sales, but will be better than 50-1.
Prizes courtesy of the amazingly talented and hugely generous Jeff Lemire.  BUY UNDERWATER WELDER !

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Comics Wednesday- AUGUST 15th

Before Watchmen continues with the first issue of Rorschach. Azzarello and Bermejo should really deliver on this one.
Oeming leaves Bendis to go it solo with his new Victories series.
Deadpool Kills Marvel has been such a sleeper hit that it sells out before it hits the shelves. Customers looking for issues 3 and 4 will have to wait for re-orders to arrive.
Walking Dead #101 arrives,....It'll be interesting to see how many people who jumped on the #100 will pick up the monthly from this point.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Comics Wednesday - AUGUST 8th


Not much new in the first issues department, but that will change as we get closer to Marvel Now!
Valiant gives us their relaunch of Archer and Armstrong, one of my favourites from the old company.
Gambit gets his own title again, although this time its supposed to be an on-going one.
Marvel continues their 50th anniversary of Spider-Man by giving us a new issue of Sensational Spider-Man #33.1.
Daredevil Annual  #1 continues with the 2nd part of Alan Davis bringing back his Clandestine group.

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