Saturday, January 19, 2013


I really hate when they pile all the comics together like this.
Way too many Avengers and X-Men books at once. And this time we get all 3 Green Lantern titles on the same day. This may be intentional though as they are the final issues of the Third Army storyline.
The newest version of Uncanny X-Force seems to be mostly women, with Storm, Psylocke and Spiral?
The relaunch of Young Avengers is quite a bit different than the earlier version, as Kid Loki joins the team.
2 Deadpool comics this week too, as Deadpool Killustrated starts. Mostly looks like Wade spreading carnage through classic stories , like Moby Dick.
Buffy Sampler is the first issues of the various Buffy books( Spike and Willow etc.)Looks like a cheap way to get newbies into the Whedonverse.

The first of a new series of figures featuring  the various  Batmobiles arrives this week. Should be a new one every few weeks, and most of them look amazing. First up is the 1989 movie version.

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