Thursday, March 1, 2012


Finally after a few dry weeks, we get some new first issues to mention.

Marvel takes us again to the Age of Apocalypse, nothing new really, except they seem to be in the standard Marvel Universe.
DC mines the past as well and gives us another chance to enjoy the Gothic horror series, Night Force.
Hickman starts another mini-series at Image. Manhattan Projects gives us something even scarier hiding behind the development of the A- Bomb.
Fury's Big Week, seems like Marvel trying to sell some random story, barely connected to the Avengers movie.
Vertigo starts off a month of new titles with The Fairest. A spin-off from the excellent series Fables, this one will feature short run stories involving the distaff side of the Fables universe. The first arc is drawn by Phil Jimenez and has covers by Adam Hughes, a perfect pair of artists to deliver a story about the fairest ladies in the land. Remember that this is the first of 4 new titles from Vertigo in March. Make sure to take advantage of my special, offering ALL 4 first issues for $5.00.
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