Thursday, February 20, 2014

NEW COMICS February 26th

Big end to the shortest month, some good stuff in the pile.
Marvel restarts Fantastic Four with a new first issue, as writer James Robinson comes aboard.
Image has a book called Revenge, ( their site lists it as The Revenger) sounds a little Punisherish.
DC puts out the next in their line of annual-sized specials on women in the DC Universe. This time its Supermans girlfriend Lois Lane. If its half as good as the Jokers Daughter Special, it should sell fast.
Gail Simone launches a new Tomb Raider comic. I'm enjoying her Red Sonja stuff, this should be a good read too.
Batman/Superman #8 and Worlds Finest #20 are the first 2 chapters in the "First Contact" crossover, as the heroes of Earth 2 meet up with their fathers of Earth One. Look for the Batman/Superman annual March 6th for the first meeting of the 2 worlds.
The 2nd arc of Wake (Scott Snyders Vertigo book) starts this week, and its been a few hundred years since the last issue.
You cant tell it from the cover, but Flash #28 features a team-up with Deadman. Could be fun.
YES! Hawkeye #15 arrives this week..YES #16 came in weeks ago, Get over it already.


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