Sunday, December 30, 2012


PLEASE NOTE: I will be closed Tuesday for New Years. ANY pre-orders should be sent in as early as possible to ensure your books will be waiting for you Wednesday morning.

Well Its the first new comics of the new year. And it looks like a pretty decent mix.

It seems strange to see All New X-Men #5 on the list when it only started a month ago, and yet Batman Incoporated started almost a year ago and is only up to #6.
> Anyone who bought Spider-Man #699.1, has read Morbius # 0, and will likely pick up the #1 this week.
> New Avengers restarts with a completely different feel from the last series of that name. This time around it is basically following the Illuminati as they try to stem an invasion from an alternate universe. It sounds like we will be seeing a lot of alternate universes in Marvel as the new year progresses as people like Hyperion and the New Universe characters begin to show up in Avengers and other titles.
> Another Adventure Time mini begins as Fionna and Cake take the spotlight. I sold a ton of Adventure Time comics through Christmas, and this one should sell well too.
> Punisher Nightmare is the first issue of a weekly mini series that sounds like it might introduce a new Punisher character. WARNING! This is a WEEKLY series, so if the first issue looks good, put an order in quick for the rest of the run as they will be ordered lower than the first issue and re-orders will not show up until the series is already over.

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