Friday, January 3, 2014


Well Marvel is starting the new year off with  a pile of ALL NEW #1's.
All New Marvel Now Point One #1 is a batch of short stories meant to lead in to the All new titles Marvel is launching this year. Some of which are already arriving THIS week.
All New X-Factor stars Polaris, Gambit and Quicksilver rebranding the team as a corporate shill.
Avengers World #1 gives us a comic that promises the Marvel Universe will never be the same.
Black Widow gets her own comic, lets hope it captures some of the magic the Hawkeye comic has.
Marvel also brings back the Marvel U.K. characters of the 90's starting with Revolutionary War #1.
The 2nd of the Dynamite kids books arrive as L'il Vampi gives us a cute look at everyones favourite bloodsucker.
The big book of the week however is REALLY big. Detective Comics #27 clocks in at  96 all new pages for $7.99(3X the size for double the price), and features stories by a variety of Bat writers and artists to help celebrate the title's 75th anniversary.

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