Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well Marvel Now kicks into high gear this week with 4 #1's. Thor and Fantastic Four have regular fans and the new creative teams should deliver some great stuff.
X-Men Legacy looks a little different as the book centers on Legion, and just how long he can keep his powers, and sanity in check.
All New X-Men oddly enough will feature All Old X-men as the X-Men teens take up residence in the present alonside their messed up future counterparts.
The Joker continues to rampage through the Bat titles as Batman #14 kicks the story into high gear. Don't miss Suicide Squad #14 as it enters the game( should be easy to spot with one of those BAT-MASK style covers).
Fables Werewolves of the Heartland finally arrives. Seems like we've been hearing about this book for over a year now(we have). This is NOT reprint material. This is an ALL-NEW story featuring Bigby as he runs into a pack of werewolves somewhere in the heart of America, as he hunts out a new location for Fabletown.
Fans of the Boys will be sad to see the final issue #72 arrive this week, but the title goes out with a bang.

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