Thursday, August 22, 2013


Busy week as we wrap up August.
The regular American Vampire is still on hiatus, but this week we get an Anthology Special with 8 short stories by some fan favourites like Simone and Lemire.
Speaking of over-sized specials, this week we get the Batman Inc. Special. Chock full of stories about the Bat associates, including Bat-Cow herself!

For the kids(in all of us) try Itty Bitty Hellboy. A great all-ages comic by the guys who brought us Tiny Titans. The characters may not be as familiar to the kids, but the cuteness will draw them in.

Collider #1 sold out fast, but the #2 may be hard to spot as the title has been changed to FBP- Federal Bureau of Physics. Must have been someone using the other title already. You think they'd check for stuff like that in the development stages.
Overtaken is a new title by creator and Aspen co-owner Frank Mastromauro. Along with artist Marco Lorenzana, brings an investigative sci-fi edge to  "Overtaken," a series which puts an extraterrestrial spin on missing persons cases. " Hey its only a buck for the first issue so try it out.

Justice League #23 is the final chapter of the Trinity War, and a hell of a ride its been. Do the Leaguers actually die at the end? And just what triggers the aftermath of Forever Evil?

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