Friday, November 23, 2012


Looks like DC is trying to get back on track with the Before Watchmen stuff, as they ship 2 this week, and probably 2 more Dec. 5th.
The Marvel Now books really start to pile on as the 2nd issues arrive while the first issues are still rolling out.
This week sees the start of the new version of the FF, a complete change from the previous version of this title as we get a team of characters who have all been part of the Fantastic Four at one time or another.
DC ships a hard copy version of the Arrow comic that has been running digitaly since the T.V. series started.
Alex Ross does full art for the first issue only of Masks. The series will be a team-up title of the various costumed adventurers they publish, including Green Hornet,The Spider, The Shadow, and more.
Brony's beware, the first issue of My Little Pony finally arrives, and there are at least 6 different covers, featuring the various colours of Pony( plus a great Jill Thompson variant.)

The Boys came to an end with issue #72 a few weeks back, and the final paperback collecting the last arc is here. If you've never tried the Boys, now is a great time to start. Pick up the final book, volume 12, and you can buy any(or all)of the first 11 volumes for 50% off each.

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