Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well Villain month is over, but Forever Evil continues with issue #2. Just what chance does Earth have when all the heroes are gone? Well as we learned this month, NOT ALL Villains are Evil.
Marvel up to their usual tricks, only ships 2 X-Men books this week, and they are the same title. All New X-Men #17 is the next chapter of the Battle for the Atom, while All New X-Men Special is an Annual sized book that is the first part of a tie-in with Hulk and Superior Spider-Man.
Captain America Living Legend is a 4-part mini-series by Andy Diggle. Could be a great read even if you're not normally a Cap fan.
Marvel also delivers another Max title as Fantomex from the X-Men gets the Mature treatment. The Max comics I've read so far usually have very little resemblance to the main comics versions of the characters, so fans of his from Uncanny X-Force may be disappointed.
Vertigo continues to expand with the new series Hinterkind. Years after most of Humanity is wiped out, creatures of Myth and Legend begin to reappear.
Also from Vertigo is another one of those giant sized anthology books. This time its The Witching Hour, with 9 stories in its 70 pages by creators like, Chiang, Sturges, and Buckingham.
Marvel Knights Spider-Man brings back a title from a few years back with  writer Matt Kindt promising an all out slugfest as Spidy battles 100 foes.
Archie comics delivers a neat item for Thor fans this month as that crazy teenager does a parody of Thor(just in time for the new movie of course). The story is written by Marvel legend Tom Defalco, and It even comes with a Walt Simonson cover!!
DC Essentials -Batman, is the first of a line of $1.00 reprint comics from DC that will include the first issue of the current series, as well as a list of paperbacks and hardcover collections to help you follow up on the characters.

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