Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Just a quick round-up of this weeks DC Villains issues.
Like last week, most of the titles are origin and flashback type stories, with only a few actually tying in or leading up to current continuity.

Aquaman/Black Manta, takes place in current time and gives us a better look at some of the chaos unleashed in Forever Evil. Actions taken, may lead Black Manta in a different direction than first thought. His story continues in Forever Evil and future issues of Aquaman.

Batman /Riddler, was excellent, and definitely a must read for current Batman Zero Year readers.

Detective Comics /Harley Quinn, gives us the origin of Harleys new look costume.
..NO..seriously!! Matt Kindt knocks another one out of the park as he leads up to his run on Suicide Squad beginning with issue #24.

Justice League/Lobo, has nothing to do with Justice League at all. This is a one-shot story about the NEW Lobo, who seems to be hunting the current, better known version. The book reads well and seems interesting, I'm just not sure its a direction anyone really asked for. His next appearance would seem to be in Supergirl of all things.

Flash/Reverse Flash gives us the origin of yet another Reverse Flash(3 now or is it 4).
A good read overall, that runs off events in the first 2 years of Flash and leads directly into Flash #24.

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