Sunday, January 27, 2013


A bat heavy week, but the annuals have been really good so far. The Green Lantern Corps annual is important as it wraps up much of the Third Army storyline.

2 Watchmen issues as they try to catch up on the lateness problem, but the Dollar Bill #1 is only a one-shot so it could fit in anytime.

Injustice Gods Among Us is a DC series based on the new action game from the makers of Mortal Kombat. Basically a violent, bloody JLA story set in an alternate future. Fans of Kingdom Come might like to give it a try.

Marvel reprints the classic Silver Surfer by Moebius mini as a one-shot special.

Invincible hits #100 this week, with a batch of alternate covers. Won't be as big as Walking Dead #100, but should sell fast. If you've never read Invincible, I'll be having a sale on the paperbacks on the front table, with a great discount for anyone willing to buy a bunch at once.


Saturday, January 19, 2013


I really hate when they pile all the comics together like this.
Way too many Avengers and X-Men books at once. And this time we get all 3 Green Lantern titles on the same day. This may be intentional though as they are the final issues of the Third Army storyline.
The newest version of Uncanny X-Force seems to be mostly women, with Storm, Psylocke and Spiral?
The relaunch of Young Avengers is quite a bit different than the earlier version, as Kid Loki joins the team.
2 Deadpool comics this week too, as Deadpool Killustrated starts. Mostly looks like Wade spreading carnage through classic stories , like Moby Dick.
Buffy Sampler is the first issues of the various Buffy books( Spike and Willow etc.)Looks like a cheap way to get newbies into the Whedonverse.

The first of a new series of figures featuring  the various  Batmobiles arrives this week. Should be a new one every few weeks, and most of them look amazing. First up is the 1989 movie version.

Friday, January 11, 2013


All new X-Men #6 arrives, seems like just yesterday we got issue #5.
We're into the last issues of the Batman crossover, so if anyones gonna actually die...well it better be soon.
Alpha Big Time reprints the Amazing Spider-man origin of Marvels greatest new character...that no-one seemed to care about.
Savage Wolverine features everyones favourite under-used character, Wolverine, as he moves to the Savage Land to team up with Shanna. Not sure how Ka-Zar feels about this, but it gives artist Frank Cho lots of half nekkid girly action to draw.
Threshold is a new space heroes series by Keith Giffin. It spins off from the story in this weeks Green Lantern Guardians annual, and will include a back-up featuring Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern.

Tood the Ugliest Kid on Earth is a new Image series that follows the mis-adventures of Americas most insanely messed up family.


Friday, January 4, 2013


WOW! Sure are a lot of collections on the list this week. Making up for not shipping Christmas day I guess. The DC New 52's double up as the 2nd volume hardcovers arrive with the paperbacks of the first volumes.
Amazing Spider-Man may be gone(for now) but Superior Spider-Man takes its place(for a while).
Dark Horse finally starts an on-going title for Star Wars, by Brian Wood. Just bad timing announcing it after Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and has already said it will be moving the comics to Marvel as soon as contracts run dry( a year or so).
Walking Dead #106 has 2 different covers again. They say its to help meet demand for the comic, but just ensures the book will sell out twice as fast.

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