Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well no big surprise that I've had several customers asking for Hit-Girl #3 today. After all, there it is right on the front page of Marvel Comics .com, under shipping this week.
The problem is I haven't even officially confirmed orders on it yet as it DOESN'T SHIP TILL SEPTEMBER 26TH.
And that's IF Marvel doesn't update it again. You'd think with the BILLIONS of dollars Disney invested buying out Marvel they could afford a couple of unpaid interns to update their site regularly so I(and other retailers) don't look like idiots when customers insist" BUT THE MARVEL SITE SAYS IT CAME OUT TODAY".
Someone (more than a few people actually)at Marvel knows that book wasn't gonna be out this week, because they update Diamond Comics Distributor and retailers every week. It would just be nice if they had the brains to tell their OWN staff so stuff like this doesn't keep happening.

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