Thursday, October 18, 2012


We aren't quite finished with AVX just yet, we still get to see the baby versions go to battle. Lets hope this one-shot doesn't end as gruesome as the main series did.

Bravest Warriors is a spin-off of sorts from Adventure Time. Based on an on-line cartoon from the same creator, it should sell to the same fans.

The littlest Simpson gets her own special at last, as Maggie #1 arrives.
Another One-shot from DC updating classic characters gives Madame Xanadu a new look.
Wolverine goes the adult route as he starts his own MAX series. I guess now we can read him swear as he kills people.
Punisher War Zone, picks up where the regular Rucka series left off. Frank is on his own again and hunted by the Avengers. This series will most likely set up the new Thunderbolts title that groups Punisher with Deadpool, Elektra and the Red-Hulk.
Walking Dead Magazine will be full of T.V. show info and behind the scenes with the actors type stuff. At $10.00 a pop it will have to be a lot more than just clip shots of last season.

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