Sunday, April 28, 2013


Little late updating things this week as we get ready for FCBD. Only 6 more days to go.

The first issue of the new Sesame Street comic arrives next week. Could be good timing , as the free comic day version gets handed out a few days later on MAY 4th.
  The original ads for the Movement and Green Team seemed based on the 99% movement. I'm not sure if thats a big selling point anymore, but Movement is by Gail Simone who delivers a pretty solid story on everything she writes.

Theres a batch of Iron Man stuff coming out, hoping to catch movie fans. Iron Man  #258.1 is the first issue of a 4 part weekly set in OLD continuity(before all the relaunches) by classic creators of the period, Micheline and Layton. Theres also a one-shot where he fights the Melter.
 Theres another great batch of BUCK BOOKS arriving just in time for FCBD. Even if you already buy some of these titles, try picking up a few for friends. A nice cheap way of building our struggling little hobby.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Another huge Avengers week, but that seems to be a regular thing now.
The big new book of the week is Jupiters Legacy. The team of Millar and Quitely has put together a nice looking book with the currently popular theme of superheroes taking over the world for its own good. Comes with 4 different covers by popular cover artists ,Noto, Hitch, Johnson and Quitely of course.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My T.V. debut

Blink and you'll miss me.

Be gentle with your comments please. If I look less than my usual stellar self, bear in mind it was 7 in the morning on a Tuesday, and they had me do the same shot over about 20 times.
I still can't believe that with nearly 3 hours of footage, that's all that shows up on screen.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Not much new or noteworthy this week, just a good mix of everything. Although 4 Wolverine books on the same day really isnt neccessary. Note the Wolverine/X-Men #27AU is an Ultron crossover issue and not part of the regular continuity.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


With Damian gone, the Batman and Robin title turns into a sort of Batman team-up book as he spends an issue with each of his old partners,maybe giving him a chance to patch things up between them.
Not getting enough Batman? I don't see how that's possible, but this week starts the print version of Lil Gotham. Basically its smaller, cuter versions, of the Bat characters and their villains. Think Marvel Super-Hero Squad.
Kirkmans other comic, Invincible, spins off a 2nd title as Invincible Universe begins. Looks like a team book featuring all the other super characters from the main title(most of whom pretty much hate him right now).
Age of Ultron continues at a frantic pace(nearly weekly) and continues to confuse the best of us with the oddly numbered crossover issues. This week we get Avengers Assemble #14AU, and Ultron #1AU which is not just a reprint of the first issue but actually a one-shot about Ultrons son, the character from the Runaways.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It may feel like winter again today, but the weather really came through for us on the weekend.
The sale went great, with, at times, dozens of people pushing for room at  the 50 cent boxes, and I sold a ton of great hardcovers at a ridiculous low price.
Hopefully this is just a preview of what to expect next month on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.
As usual, we will be packing our FCBD offerings in age appropriate packs, with as many FREE extras as we can cram in them.
Treats this year include the new Sesame Street comic(way past time for this).
An Archie digest(perfect format for kids to carry in their hand).
Grimm , TMNT animated, and Walking Dead, ALL familiar to anyone with a T.V. set.
And of course a Star Wars comic, cause, you know...MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.

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