Thursday, February 6, 2014

NEW COMICS February 12th

Another week and another batch of All New Marvels.
This week we get X-Force going back to a single title combining Cable and friends in 1 book.
The 2nd Captain America movie spawns the Winter Soldier #1 of a 5 issue mini-series( aren't ALL of Marvels books mini-series lately though?)
She-Hulk gets her own title, after quite a bit of time in limbo.
Image starts a few new books as well, with Fuse #1 we get a space-crime fiction adventure. And Mercenary Sea sounds like good old fashioned swash buckling action set in WW2.
More 2nd World War action with Royals Masters of War, from Vertigo. Apparently the Blue-Blooded royalty wields powers of the super type, in this alternate history.

City the Mind in the Machine gives us something closer to today with a Big Brother story about the evils of Government spyware in the name of civilian protection.

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