Thursday, January 5, 2012


Quite a few Marvel comics to mention as they attempt to overtake DC in the ratings.
HEY! An issue of Captain's about time, I can't remember the last time they shipped an issue of Captain America.
Scarlet Spider #1 ships, bringing us back the days of the Spider-clones,that everybody liked but Marvel thought we didn't so they killed them all off.
Speaking of Spider-Man, #677 starts a crossover with Daredevil.
Wolverine #300 ships, I'm still not sure where Marvel is getting their numbers from, but they are sure screwing with the last of the collectors out there. (didn't they do a Wolverine #1000 last year?)
Luna brothers fans(Girls, Sword), may want to pick up Whispers, even though it seems to be one Luna short on the creative team. Definitely a different art style.

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